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The inspiration for this set is my background as a physical geographer.

Permafrost, the phenomenon has always intrigued me. A world

dominated by snow and ice, but also where plants and animals find

their place. The natural colours of the Lopi wool used, reminds me of

the colours of heather, mosses and blueberries that grow here in

combination with the white and ice blue for the snow and the ice. In

winter the plants live on under the snow and you see the colours on

the places where these are exposed by animals. In summer, the

colours show themselves in full glory but always there is the ice

deeper in the ground, always present. This difference in summer and

winter is particularly reflected in the scarf which consists of two parts.

You can download the pattern with a complete describtion by Ravelry (and Paypal). The price is € 6,50 (including VAT). You will need a free Ravelry account. Buy now by Ravelry

Scarf, Hat and Handwarmers Permafrost

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